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Appeal [Accepted]

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Minecraft Username:

Mute/Jail Reason(s):
Exact Reason according to Im_Justin
"False Report / Player had already been dealt with and you knew / So petty"

Who muted/jailed you:

Why should you be unmuted/unjailed:
Okay, so the report in question is this one:
The player flooded and was given a verbal warning. Fair enough.
Then the player did it again. And both times it wasn't less flooding. it was around 20 repeated characters and 11 repeated characters.

The player was given a verbal both times. I believed that it should have been a proper warning since the second was just a minute or two after the verbal.

I decided to calmly suggest Im_Justin to warn him/her. Im_Justin said he didn't feel like it. I understand he said this in a joking manner. However, I decided to simply bring it to the attention of the other staff members that this has happened.

If I wanted the player to be unfairly warned I wouldn't have included the screenshot with Justin being notified about it. Since staff now knew that Justin had already decided not to warn the player, they could make a decision about what to do.

I had no malicious/"petty" intent as Justin says, i was simply trying to help the staff team by reporting a player that i believed wasn't dealt properly. While also telling them that a staff member already knows about it.

I did not mean any disrespect to Justin or anybody and I apologize if it came across like that.

I do not think that I should get a warning for something like this. I was merely trying to help out.
Btw, the warning translated to a 6-hour jail as it was my 20th warn.

I understand if you don't want to remove my warning as the staff team doesn't like removing them for some reason. But I'd appreciate if I can be unjailed, as I really feel I didn't deserve this warning. Also, I didn't break any rule that I know of.

Anyways the decision is up to you. Thank you for reading and considering.
Posted Feb 13, 18 · OP · Last edited Feb 13, 18
i was simply trying to help the staff team
Such report doesn't the staff team, all it does is inflate your ego knowing that some kid got warned.
I understand if you don't want to remove my warning as the staff team doesn't like removing them for some reason
Cause we can't.

After reading your appeal, without agreeing to all you're saying, I will unjail you.

Thank you for appealing.

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Don't question my authority
Safety's my priority
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