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report for Im_Justin

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usrname: im_justin
ecidence: justin bullied me very badly to a point were i thawt that i didnt want to play on the server no more. he called me mean names succh as gay and fag in the teamspeck becuz of my profile pic and people said my halloween costum was bad. my mom helpe me wit the costune so i was very mad that they told me it look reatarded. i think tht actin needs to take place so tht the discord is a safe comunity for all of the users. the staff alkways make fun of the young kids and i am only 13 so they make fun of me the most. i dont think justin should be baned but i think that he should be demotd. if i weer to be honest i think that u should probably give staff to someon who desrves it and does not make fun of players. he bullys me all the time and he threatend t o ban me becus he was jelous that i have a gf and he dosent even have one yet. i think he might be 10 years old. pls take my report into coinsedration so he can get his power takin away. thank u very much
justin should get baned
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justin should be demoted
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Posted Feb 12, 18 · OP
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oh and banned for false report and bad memes
Don't question my authority
Safety's my priority
Posted Feb 12, 18 · Last edited Feb 12, 18
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