There has been rumors going around saying the server was going to shut down. I know many of you are worried or concerned about the future of the server. Let me assure you that this isn't the end, simply a minor setback. I will be working with my staff to find solutions to the current situation and further improve the server. The web store had to be changed because the server became too popular and Mojang contacted me about making the server 'EULA compliant.' I have no intention of closing down the server. My goals remain the same, provide the players with a fun and welcoming server. 

codina Owner why are pushing slime block disabled. Just to prevent lag?? I don't see it's a big deal at all. All of t...
Silver_Serpent17 I don't know where to ask this but how do I allow fire on my island, I need for an automated chicken farm
TRS_80 Is there, or will there be a place to make a donation to help keep the server up? I'm talking about a financial don...

Changes to the web store

Stormsx4 atag posted Mar 10, 18

The web store has recently switched over to contain only cosmetic perks such as /fly, pets, and extra island slots. More perks will be added in the future but they first have to be tested. 

JessiiPooChuu Is there any reason behind this?
Derbear tag that's an L

New Discord Server

Stormsx4 atag posted Sep 5, 17

The server has recently switched from using Teamspeak to Discord. Discord is similar to skype, except it allows you to talk to other players on the server and make new friends. God0fWar has made a post about how to easily set up Discord Here 

Join our discord:

NetflixFeelings tag I like the discord, however, I don't think as many people are active on it as they used to be on teamspeak. Good wo...

Today a new pvp was implemented, thanks to God0fWar and LavaKeo, giving everyone a larger area to fight. Also, the server's hardware has been upgraded to include two SSDs and an overclocked CPU. This means that there will be less lag overall.

TacticGravity tag It also depends on everyone's internet connection
iiTNT tag That's better. Thanks bud
UnclaimedBloom6 I'm genuinely excited to see what the new PVP arena looks like... I guess I'll find out when the server gets b...

Server Maintenance

Stormsx4 atag posted Mar 28, 17

The server will be down for the next 24-36 hours while the server is reset and updated.

chesseit1234 or nah
chesseit1234 1 more minute
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