Server reset and Halloween update!

By Stormsx4 atagtag - Posted Oct 21, 17

The server has been reset and the spawn has been changed to a halloween theme. A new shop plugin has been added allowing you buy multiple stacks of items and also to sell your full inventory by middle-clicking on what item you want to sell. Slime and Magma cube spawners have been added and magma cream is now sellable. Shop prices for all crops excluding pumpkins, melons, and cactus have been increased $20-$30. Also, cooked pork, mutton, beef, blaze rods, and a few other items sell for more. Stained clay and stained glass have had their buy prices reduced by 50%. Party crates are back (kinda) in the form of vote party crates. Cobble generators now have a small chance of spawning different types of ores on islands. Legendary crates have also been buffed and now include tokens and 7 new spawners such as zombie pigmen and endermen. There will be more changes over the next few days and a halloween kit will be added a few days before Halloween. I hope you all enjoy the new update :)


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