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Reset and Server Changes

Stormsx4 atagtag posted Jul 13, 17

The server has been reset and many new features have been added or altered. Cobblestone now gives mcmmo exp so mining is easier to level. The token shop has been updated, villagers don't join together, co-op has been enabled on islands, there is a new starter island, shulker boxes can no longer be opened by randoms and many other new things have been added. Several plugins have been updated patching glitches and adding a few new features (/kit). Pets will soon be available in the donor shop as a fun perk to play around with. Everyone has been given /kit reset and donors have access to /kit (rank)once giving everyone a little boost. I hope you guys enjoy the changes and a new start :)


Flaming_Dorito tag IGS need to go storms, you need to realise that...
StormHS4 I lost my rank which was premium and /fly, I dont know if its because of the reset or because I changed my username rece...
OnlyDev tag why don't we replace guardian eggs with parrot eggs? if guardian eggs actually work nobody uses them

Chestshop Changes

Stormsx4 atagtag posted Jun 16, 17

Today there was a glitch which enabled people to crash the server when moving a chestshop sign. This was fixed by disabling the protection on chestshop signs, meaning players added to your island can break chestshop signs and take what is inside the chest. The benefit to this is that trolls can't lock you out of your chests.

Today a new pvp was implemented, thanks to God0fWar and LavaKeo, giving everyone a larger area to fight. Also, the server's hardware has been upgraded to include two SSDs and an overclocked CPU. This means that there will be less lag overall.

iiTNT tag That's better. Thanks bud
UnclaimedBloom6 tag I'm genuinely excited to see what the new PVP arena looks like... I guess I'll find out when the server gets b...

Server Maintenance

Stormsx4 atagtag posted Mar 28, 17

The server will be down for the next 24-36 hours while the server is reset and updated.

chesseit1234 or nah
chesseit1234 1 more minute
ScopicX tag 5 MORE MINUTES!!
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