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Chestshop Changes

Stormsx4 atagtag posted Jun 16, 17

Today there was a glitch which enabled people to crash the server when moving a chestshop sign. This was fixed by disabling the protection on chestshop signs, meaning players added to your island can break chestshop signs and take what is inside the chest. The benefit to this is that trolls can't lock you out of your chests.

Today a new pvp was implemented, thanks to God0fWar and LavaKeo, giving everyone a larger area to fight. Also, the server's hardware has been upgraded to include two SSDs and an overclocked CPU. This means that there will be less lag overall.

iiTNT tag That's better. Thanks bud
UnclaimedBloom6 tag I'm genuinely excited to see what the new PVP arena looks like... I guess I'll find out when the server gets b...

Reset and Large Update

Stormsx4 atagtag posted Mar 28, 17

Over the last day there have been many changes made to the server. Along with the update, the server has been reset. This means that all the islands, inventories, and balances have been reset. Everyone will have access to /kit reset for the next week and donors have access to /kit (rank)once. A few of the changes include: An updated skyblock plugin, iron golem spawners are now available in legendary crates, there have been more items added to the token shop, some items in the shop have had their prices changed, lockette has been added, shulker eggs/chests have been added back, there is now day/night, mobs are now grouped together to reduce lag, the pvp area has been changed (creds to Antonym), and there is more to come in the next few days.

drako2003 i am currently unaware on how to go about this, ive always loved this server and has been the only server ive ever donat...
wildwood20 ALT ACOUNT ...
ScopicX tag Thanks for all the great work you've done, storms!

Server Maintenance

Stormsx4 atagtag posted Mar 28, 17

The server will be down for the next 24-36 hours while the server is reset and updated.

chesseit1234 or nah
chesseit1234 1 more minute
ScopicX tag 5 MORE MINUTES!!

There have been two dupe glitches over the past week and that has lead to this reset. People were able to dupe thousands of legendary keys, spawners, and diamond blocks. Both of these glitches have been patched and the server has been updated to 1.11 to prevent any other glitches. There are other changes being made as well because of the overwhelming amount of support and new players who have joined SBCentral. Naturally spawning mobs will not spawn as often; however this does not affect the rate at which mobs spawn from spawners. Also, redstone clocks which tick constantly and lag the server will turn off after several cycles. The vote crate rewards have been changed so players can obtain tokens more easily, more spawners, and more items. The reset kit will be available and so will the donor once kits. Anyone who has purchase a legendary key from the SBCentral web store within the last week will receive their keys the next time they log in because of the short duration the server has been online. /kit reset has been given a few extra items including an op pickaxe to give everyone an extra boost. This reset will make the server less laggy and will allow even more people to join the server.


FlapFlap_ tag as much as i like the server i have to agree with you floritom
floritom "Server Optimization" more like "I'm a money whore, i can't upgrade server, lets re...
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